Alondra Bentley - Ashfield Avenue (2009)


Artist: Alondra Bentley
Album: Ashfield Avenue
Date: April 20,2009
Label: Absolute Beginners
Styles: Folk,Indie,Acoustic,Singer-songwriter


Alondra Bentley,indie folk and Singer-songwriter from Spain.I spent most of the time to appreciate this album, it is amazing!"Ashfield Avenue" is a work that stands as a paragon of sensitivity, candor, feelings, moving between bittersweet textures and impressive.The future of this girl should be sweet,i can’t resist her voice, it is beautiful! I would like to hear this kind of music every day,Strongly recommend!


1.  ...
2.  Still Be There
3.  Of All Living Creatures, Why A Human Being?
4.  Meltdown
5.  Som Things Of My Own
6.  Sunglasses
7.  Giants Are Windmills
8.  Sugarman
9.  I Feel Alive
10. Shine
11. The Petal House
12. Star For Mummy






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