Little Birdy - Confetti (2009)

Artist: Little Birdy
Album: Confetti
Date: May 8,2009
Label: EMI Records
Genre: Indie,Pop,Rock

The long-awaited third album from this Perth band now based in Melbourne.

Despite the success of Little Birdy’s second album in 2006, singer Katy Steele now says they lost some control with an overseas producer. So this one was done at their own pace. And though it took a year to record with flourishes like brass, strings and even a theremin, it’s actually a more organic sound, back towards the simpler pleasures of their first album. That’s marked by songs like Into My Arms and the hidden track Porcelain being done in one take. They also telegraphed that mood change with Brother, a free download, and now the scene-setting opener. It starts off modestly enough, driven by acoustic guitar and a vulnerable vocal, until extra lift comes from handclaps and harmonica (by Paul Kelly, who also sings here). And, yes, Katy says it was inspired by brother Luke (from The Sleepy Jackson, of course). And though confetti is normally associated with happy times, the title track is the band at their most dramatic, with Steele unleashing her best catch-in-the-throat vocals. And even where a track sounds happy (Dark Of Night’s rinky-dink piano), the lyrics reveal something starker. But there’s more than one emotion on show here, as the more pop-oriented guitar brightness of Summarize and Run Run Run reveal. Steele says the album came out of a bittersweet year of ups and downs. If so, it must feel good to have it end on such a strong note.


01. Brother
02. Summarize
03. Hairdo
04. Stay Wild
05. Into My Arms
06. Dark Of Night
07. It Ain't True
08. Run Run Run
09. Crazy
10. Everyone Is Sleeping
11. Confetti




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Tags: Indie Pop Rock
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哎呀,Little birdy啊~~~~女主唱的声线是我至今为止最喜欢的女声,顶一下~~
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