Mick Flannery - Evening Train

Artist : Mick Flannery

Album: Evening Train

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mickflannery


Evening Train is Mick Flannery's debut album. It promises to be one of the most original and exciting releases of this year.A concept album, its 11 tracks tell the story of a week in the lives of two very different brothers...
  Two tracks won first prizes in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition. "The Tender" won first prize in the LYRICS ONLY category. "In The Gutter" won in FOLK/SINGER SONGWRITER category - it has been described as "an instant classic" (Urban Folk, New York).
  Mick is a 21 year old folk rock singer songwriter. He is an experienced performer, having gigged extensively around his native Ireland and N.Y.C. His debut EP, launched last November, was terrifically received. This summer, after a week of shows in the Islands of Song Atlantic Crossroads Festivalm St. John's, Canada Mick played the New York City scene promoting his new album, Evening Train, which was released in CB's Gallery of CBGB fame on August 25th, 2005.


Evening Train :


List :

01. Creak In The Door
02. When I've Got A Dollar
03. Take It On The Chin
04. Grace's Waltz
05. The Tender
06. The Rebel
07. Ride On
08. Your Martyr's Role
09. Take Me With You Then
10. In The Gutter
11. Evening Train


DL: http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/d710c21e-1229-11df-a097-0015c55db73d/

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这张非常nice~  好东西要自己尝试 自己发现 麻木了好久的耳朵被这张惊醒了。。[face22]
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