Starsailor-Silence is easy

Artist:  Starsailor
Album: Silence is easy
Date:  2004.1.27
country: UK
Styles:  Britpop



01 music was saved

02 fidelity

03 some of us

04 silence is easy

05 telling them 

06 shark food

07 bring my love

08 white dove

09 four to the floor 

10 born again 

11 restless heart



Starsailor 乐队04年的第二张专辑。主唱James Walsh的声音很有张力和弹性。

喜欢一上来就很英伦的前奏 没有复杂的编曲也能一下子用英伦特有的节拍抓住你的听觉。

Silence is easy, it just becomes me,
you don't even know me, why lie about me。



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