This Town Needs Guns - This Town Needs Guns

Release Date: April 1, 2008
Label: Big Scary Monsters
1 26 is Dancier Than 4
2 And I'll Tell You for Why...
3 I'll Forget About You Throwing That Rock 'Cos That Dance Was Pretty Funny
4 1470 Man
5 Do You Wanna Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebastian?
6 If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out of Here
7 Japanese Ultra-Violence in D-Minor (The Saddest Chord)
8 It's Not True Rufus, Don't Listen to the Hat

Band Members: Chris Collis (drums), Tim Collis (guitar), Stuart Smith (guitar, vocals), Dan Adams (bass, vocals)

This Town Needs Guns is a four piece indie rock group from UK, formed in 2004, they have released two singles and one split EP(with Cats and Cats and Cats) last year and received a great response, the good news for the fans is that their debut selftitled album was finally out in April 2008

Interesting that someone asked me about sincabeza today, I said "math rock is not my type at all"(I know Lite is someone's favorite: ), but finally I've decided to upload This Town Needs Guns. As a matter of fact, althought TTNG have intricate guitar sequences and varying time signatures, they are not THAT math, they also have very clean layered guitars, melodic, straightforward and emotional vocals (but don't call it emo), just like American Football. "26 is Dancier than 4" alternates between erratic and swirling guitar riffs, keyboard melody always plays background role, at the end of second track it also provides an platform for some shoegazing guitar drone and rhythmic basslines to enter the music. The instant the acoustic guitar starts up the third track, clean and strong vocals, the chorus effect is added, then drums, the jazzy trumpet and keyboard are involved also. With complex structures and angular melodies, "1470 Man"would be described as typical math rock song.

"Want to Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebastian?" is probably my favorite, not only because it got a cute title and lyrics are awesome, also with a more post-rock oriented structure, next is "If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here", the beginning reminds me of AF's "Never Meant", "Japanese Ultra-Violence in D-Minor" is slow and beautiful track, guitar, piano, sad cello and gentle percussion create a soothing and relaxing musical space, sounds a little like Mike Kinsella's solo project Owen. The Final track is fantastic also, these guys rock! All in all, if you do like American Football and(or) Minus The Bear, you won't be dissapointed



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