Apparitions-Hungry Lucy[2000]

Artist: Apparitions
Album:Hungry Lucy
Styles: Electronic/ Trip Hop
Date: 2000,8,1

On their debut release, “Apparitions”, Hungry Lucy take us on an impressive journey into the gothic/trip-hop genre. Don’t be fooled by the gothic label though. These are not the doom and gloom tunes of purists, but a seamless hybrid of darkwave, trip-hop, and yes, even pop music. Christa Belle’s vocals tell tales of spiritual encounters, and the other-worldly travels, while War-N Harrison’s electronica textures and funky grooves keep you bouncing in your headphones.
The brilliant remixes from Heavy Water Factory, F9 & Battery’s Shawn Brice are sure to keep the dance floor pumping. While primarily electronic in instrumentation, Hungry Lucy uses piano, acoustic guitar and flute to brilliantly compliment the electronics. All in all, an impressive debut release that is sure to perk up some ears in a genre crying out for something new.

Track Listings:
1. Alfred 
2. Blue Dress 
3. Bound in Blood (Insomnia Mix) 
4. Grave 
5. Blame 
6. Stretch 
7. Journey 
8. Cover Me 
9. Bound in Blood (Waltz Lullaby) 
10. Bed of Flames 
11. Stretch (Battery Mix) 
12. Grave (Digger Mix) 
13. Ode 
14. Goodbye 



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回复回复小七[2009-12-19 07:16 PM | del]
这女人好像 SHE的Ella...
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