Apennines Peninsula female voice- Elisa.Dancing.


Artist: Elisa
Time: 2008
Genre: Pop, Indie
Release Region: USA 
Album List:
01. Waves
02. Dancing
03. Stranger
04. Broken
05. Little Over Zero
06. City Lights
07. Rainbow
08. Rock Your Soul
09. Life Goes On
10. Electricity
11. Yashal
12. Hallelujah
13. Dancing
Artist Describe: Elisa was born and raised in Monfalcone, a town of about 50,000 in Friuli-Venezia in northeast Italy where, she remembers, “Everybody sang.” She also recalls, “As a teenager, the hunger for music was a physical thing. It was a very big need, because there were not that many other things to do. Music became a great way to escape – to be wherever you wanted to be without moving.”
Album Describe: <Dancing is the debut album of Elisa in America, and it’s also A Collection of her Greatest Hits during this years’ released album, and this album got a huge success, it ranked about 5 in 2008’s Billboard research.
Recommendation: Dancing, Stranger, Rainbow, Rock Your Soul.
Mandarin Introduction:
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Tags: Pop Indie
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