Dismal (Italian Gothic Doom Metal), 1Ep 1Album.


Genre: Doom/Gothic Metal
origin: Italy (Formed in 1995)
Status: Active
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dismalsaturno

Current line up: : Cadarb Afelio - vocals, guitars
Rossana Landi - female vocals
Bradac - keyboards, drum programming
Vlad di Saturno - violin
Frater Alchemoth Katharian - session bass
Alessandro Verando - session lead guitars
I’m gonna upload 1Ep And 1 Full-length Album of Dismal, the name of their first Ep is Dionisiasa, and the full length album’s name is Rubino Liquido.
Album Describe: Typical Gothic and Doom Instrument with ethereal female-voice, adorn with vacant and sadness words , if you like lacrimosa and Angizia, im pretty sure you don’t wanna miss it.
One OF their Song named A Venere:
Ep-Dionisiasa (2001)
1. I - ...In The Limbo Of Catalepsy
2. II - Folgorazione
3. III - A Venere 
4. IV - Ebony Butterfly

Album-Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops (2003)

1. Tre Scarlatte Stille...  
2. Invisible Drops (or Lux Atque Tenebra)
3. Per Aspera Ad Astra
4. Chemical Nature Of Rubedo 
5. Stasi
6. Ametistia
7. ...di Lagrima 'ntica (a Melody from the Past)
8. Esse "S"
9. A Venere (new orchestral version)

Download: http://uploading.com/files/mm3c4a7c/Dismal--Rubino%2BLiquido%2B-%2BThree%2BScarlet%2BDrops.rar/

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