We Are The City -  In A Quiet World

Grupo: We Are The City
Album: In A Quiet World
Release year: 2009
Genre: Indie/Alternative/Pop Rock

Country: Canada
Label: Independent

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thecitiesmusic

We Are The City is a three piece progressive indie rock act from the Okanagan lakeside city of Kelowna, British Columbia. originally forming under the name “Seraph” in the Spring of 2006, they changed their name to “The City” in January of 2007, and finally settling upon We Are The City in May of 2008. We Are The City features three young composers: Cayne McKenzie on vocals and keys, David Menzel on guitar, and Andy Huculiak on the drums. Cayne’s symphonic piano arrangements flow into David’s guttural guitars and the grand heartbeat of Andy’s drums, as the vocals slink from soft melodies into gruff howls. Their songs paint out a sincere and beautiful interpretation of life; exploring evocative sounds and storytelling.

三个男孩带来的人生注解 请抛开尘世的喧嚣 安静聆听


细雨绵绵 清冷空气 是秋日的气息

悠然 琐碎 平静


如若隔世的童话 假如不曾离开

1. Intro
2. Feel Is A Word
3. There Are Very Tiny Beasts In The Ground
4. There Are Very, Very Big Lights In The Sky
5. Time, Wasted
6. You’re A Good Man
7. My Old Friend
8. Astronomers
9. April
10. Peso Loving Squid
11. Now For The Rest 


Time, Wasted


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