My Bloody Valentine Unreleased and Rare Eps

2张在驴子和douban上都没有DOWN的比较稀有EP和一张unreleased rarities

Peel sessions

01 Lose My Breath
02 When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream)
03 I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
04 Feed Me With Your Kiss




You made me realize

1.You Made Me Realise
4.igarette In Your Bed

5.Drive It All Over Me





 Unreleased & Rarities去年在本取消发行的Box Set里的Disc 4

1.instrumental 2
2.instrumental 1
3.cowboy Song
4.good For You
6.kevin Song
7.belinda Song
8.glider (Kevin Shields Mix)
9. Have All The Time In The World
10.Map Reference 41'N 93'W






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