Civalias - You.Me.We (2008)

Artist: Civalias
Album: You. Me. We
Date: 2008
Styles: Acoustic Rock Pop
country: Los Angeles, California, United States


Hailing from Southern California, Civalias is the project brainchild of 23 year-old Adam Stidham. Conjuring influences such as Aqualung, Coldplay, and Radiohead, the infectiously melodic sounds of Civalias are both engaging and visually enticing. The young songwriter who began his journey in music by playing guitar in his teens soon found that music became a form of therapy. "I found an undeniable peace and calmness in making music. It was me at my most genuine." It is this vulnerability and honesty that makes Civalias special, attracting a contingent of fans who are seeking not only a uniquely refreshing sound, but the emotional substance to back it up.



You. Me. We  你。我。我们。



如果一个人说“Anything but you”,请不要转身,


1. Anything But You
2. We've Got Company
3. No Escape
4. Something Real
5. Surprise, Surprise
6. My Oh My [Bonus Track]
7. Viva la Vida (Coldplay Cover) [Bonus Track]


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Tags: Acoustic Rock Pop
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