Wideawake-Something That We Can't Let Go

Artist: Wideawake
Album: Something That We Can't Let Go
Date: 2009
Styles: Alternative Rock
country: AUSTIN, Texas, United States

Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/wideawake

For Wideawake, the Austin-based power-pop/rock five-piece, this was the underlining mantra hanging in the air of the group's recording studio. Each thump of the bass drum and each tingling guitar chord resonates with the thoughts of inspiration; of turning pain into an element of hope, of encouragement. In short, it's music to make you feel alive.

The group's sensibilities attain a personal connection while reaching for something bigger, something more epic than the everyday. "We all need something bigger than ourselves to hold our heads high" croons Leger, reaching an assured epiphany on "Bigger Than Ourselves". In doing, Wideawake reminds us that faith in a better tomorrow is justified.

The ambitious "Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow" is the most poignant of the band's offerings, dabbling in acoustic minimalism and a stirring climax.

相信每个人的生命中总有 Something That We Can't Let Go

与其徘徊迷失,不如整理心情打包前行。这时候你需要这样坚定的歌声"Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, we will win this fight and bury this sorrow.We're so alive, still holding on, not ready to die, so we LIVESTRONG. ”

Little More Time
Land of Opportunity
Gravity Won't Win
Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow
Fall together
These Days



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