Holly Throsby -[On Night ]

Artist : Holly Throsby

Album: On Night

Date : 2004.12.16

Style: Garage/ Folk / Indie


Throsby's 2006 Sophomore Effort Follows on the Heels of "on Night", One of the Most Critically Acclaimed Albums Ever in Australia. The Sound of this Outing Reveals a Giant Step in Recorded Maturity, as it was Once Again Recorded by Tony Dupe and Mixed by Tim Whitten (Best Known for his Work with Powderfinger). Includes the Single "Making a Fire".

第一次听到的就是上面这首试听歌曲<We Are Good People But Why Don't We Show It >, 质朴中的忧伤很吸引我。后来给娃娃听了她也是同感,于是有了把专辑下来的冲动,呵呵。


01. We're Good People But Why Don't We Show It?
02. Up With The Birds

03. Things Between People

04. Waiting All Night For You To Come Home

05. Damn That New Body

06. Some Nights Are Long

07. Morning

08. Don't Be Howling

09. Some Days Are Long

10. As The Night Dies


DL: Rayfile

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