Science For Girls -  Science For Girls


Artist: VA
Album:  Science For Girls
Styles: Electronica / Down-tempo
Date: 2007

Science for Girls is melodic electronica with roots in jazz and Brazillian music, from producer and songwriter Darren Solomon. The debut album features an eclectic group of guest vocalists from NYC's indie music scene, including:

Bronwen Exter
Boots Ottestad
Jean Rohe
Paul Brill
Renee Cologne
Trevor Exter
Alexandra Slous
William Rottman
Hugh Wilson


"The music is transcendental, and the vocals are simply seductive." -Flagpole

Top Tune of the Day - KCRW

4 stars out of 5 - Remix Magazine

"I'm absolutely addicted to Science for Girls, the self-titled debut from producer/songwriter Darren Solomon."
-Abby White, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"...don’t miss the musical juiciness that is Science for Girls!"
-Keyboard Magazine

"...a perfect album for late at night when all you want to do is stop time and stay up listening to your iPod just a little while longer."
-Emory Wheel

" intoxicating effort buoyed by guest vocalists from the New York indie scene."
-The State

"Mmmmm…sweet sweet electronic goodness"
-Bon Ton

"Hearing how different talents mesh with Darren Solomon's mellow chords and laid-back production style is a bit like biting into a mystery chocolate. Whether you're met by creamy, lilting vocals, crunchy pitch-shifting plugins, or rich caramel tones, the one thing you can count on is that you'll want more."

"Science for Girls is NYC producer and songwriter Darren Solomon, and his album is like a surprise wake up by a beautiful woman, who hasn't driven you crazy yet."
-Parasites & Sycophants

"Science for girls is making me cry sweet sorrowful sugarwater in a secret swimming pool in the basement of a cute, and apparently odd girl. It's so good i almost don't want to listen to it, avoiding the inevitable tarnish."
-Comment on Comfort Radio

Read more about Science for Girls in the profile in Electronic Musician.


Got lyrics here.

Website by Shorty McStylesheet.

Photography by the amazing Bunny McIntosh and the fantastic Thomas Hawk.

Contact Science for Girls at

1. 14 Days   

2. Northern Lights    
3. You'll Never Know 
4. Sweet Life 
5. Australia   
6. Violets 
7. Pattern Recognition 
8. Peace Heart    
9. Sonnet 96    
10. Sleepwatching

       看了上面那么多的英文介绍相信也不用我多说什么了,这张专辑的第一首歌相信很多人都听过,不要被第一首歌迷惑,其实专辑里的10首歌都各有不同,仔细听过之后比较喜欢第七首Pattern Recognition,浑厚的男中音迷离中略带忧郁。渐行渐远



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